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Monday, November 11th - 09:00 AM
to Sunday, November 17th - 02:00 PM

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November 11 to 17

Digital Health Week

Digital Health Week is an annual celebration of how digital health health is transforming the delivery of care across the country as more and more of our health care system becomes digital.

Three Ways Digital Health is Transforming Care

Faster, More Efficient Care

Digital health enables your health care team to access your complete health information, which saves time, reduces duplicate tests, and leads to better patient care decisions.

Virtual Visits

Digital health enables you to connect with your doctor remotely, which improves convenience, and reduces the need to travel and take time off work.

Access to Your Lab Results and Personal Health Information

Access to lab results and personal health information helps you better manage your health and wellness.

Working together, Canadians, health care practitioners and industry can transform health care.

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