Transformingcare delivery

Care is more efficient and safer when physicians have the information they need to make timely, informed decisions. The ACCESS 2022 movement is uniting clinicians with patients, government and industry in order to improve access to information and digitally enabled services for both patients and clinicians. This will help improve communications among health care providers as well as improve their access to patient information. A new day in health care is coming — one where your patients have better health outcomes.

Benefits of digital health



of primary care physicians who use a broader suite of functions in their EMR report they are more efficient.



satisfaction rate among Canadians who use virtual care services.



of primary care physicians (and 77% of specialists) say they provide more efficient care with electronic records.


health care professionals access clinical information integrated into their point-of-care systems.

Empowered patients

Empowered patients

Patients who have access to their lab-results are less likely to call their physicians while waiting for their results, or to have an in-person visited related to it.

Increased satisfaction

Increased satisfaction

Physicians who use multiple EMR functionalities to support patient care report the highest satisfaction with these systems

Fewer ED visits

Fewer ED visits

Digital health programs, such as telehomecare, can reduce the number of ED visits and hospital stays.

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital health, read the Canada Health Infoway Annual Report and the 2018 Canadian Physician Survey.

Meet Dr. Wilson

An innovator who recognized the little yellow cards used for tracking immunization records were always being lost and resulted in incomplete regional records. He founded CANImmunize, an app that makes it easy to stay up-to-date by sending reminders when it’s time to get vaccinated.

Meet Joy

A remote patient monitoring (telehomecare) program enabled her to get her diabetes under control, decrease her medication consumption, lower her blood pressure and start walking without a cane.

Working together, Canadians, health care practitioners and industry can transform health care.

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